Lounge by day, club by night, offering quality cocktails, champagne & music in plush, intimate surroundings.

Phone: (09) 357 6147

Email: info@goldfinchbar.co.nz

Opening hours: Wed to Sat, 5pm to late.

Address: 204 Quay St, Auckland.

Every Wednesday Night
5 pm
$Free Entry
F.D.A.U (Face Down Ass Up) is our new Wednesday Student Night. Bring your crew down for some awesome drink specials and get down to some dope beats played by our F.D.A.U residents DJ Ensol and ATrapp Kicks off every Wednesday night from 5 pm til late
7 PM
$Free Entry!
fresh princh wall
Now, this is a story all about how My turn table got flipped-turned upside down And I'd like to take a minute Just mix right here I'll tell you how I became the prince thanks to a little morning prayer :L 90’s beats with your man Dj Atrap 7pm every Thursday til late
10 PM
$10 from midnight
Goldfinch presents... VERSACE. VERSACE is dedicated to the finest Old Skool vs Nu Skool Hip Hop and Rnb featuring some of Aucklands finest DJ's in these genres DJ SAM MIX-ALOT DJ SKIDD ATRAPP Dress Code: VERSACE VERSACE VERSACE (Dress with those 9's in mind and you may just go home with a 10) Entry: $5 before midnight $10 after midnight (Free for VIP card holders) www.goldfinchbar.co.nz
October 11th
10 PM
WE • ARE • FRIENDS Saturday 11th October Goldfinch Lounge & Club 10:00pm - Late All friends of music, we invite you to join us for the launch of the wild kind. Express your fierce desires with us as we take you on a bimonthly venture. Interpretations of all kinds are welcomed. Whether it’s a masquerade or the sheer indulgence of a plush 6-hour escape to the brink of the viaduct. Animate your soul; invigorate your mind with the good-hearted folk from all corners and sway the night away to ambidextrous extracts from the world of dead genres. On the music score for the evening, this time round We Are Friends with: KATANA JARROD PHILLIPS JONO FEKTIOUS TOM GATES BOWEY O.D. KAYDEN WEBSTER Set it off this October. "tous amis de la musique" ~ Needles and Threads Store Whathappndlastnight? Goldfinch Lounge & Club
Saturday October 18th
10 PM
Le Trill Presents ... Nouveau Riche (Young Money) @ Goldfinch. Featuring: Jarrod Phillips (George FM & Le Trill front man) Paydirt (always tearing shit up at Goldfinch/Basement 1885 and other AKL hot spots) ATrapp (Mr Goldfinch himself) TDK (one of AKL's best Hip Hop & RnB DJ's) HIP HOP / TRAP / CLUB BANGERZ Entry $5 from 10 pm & $10 after midnight (chump change) // Free for VIP card holders Dress: "Dress finer coz all your shit's designer" Nouveau Riche ˌnuːvəʊ ˈriːʃ,French nuvo ʀiʃ/ noun noun: nouveau riche 1. people who have recently acquired wealth, typically those perceived as ostentatious or lacking in good taste. "the long-term wealthy and the nouveau riche came flocking to Saint Laurent's show" synonyms: the new rich; parvenus, arrivistes, upstarts, social climbers, vulgarians "the nouveau riche of today buy leather-covered volumes by the metre" adjective adjective: nouveau-riche; adjective: nouveau riche 1. relating to or characteristic of the nouveau riche. "nouveau-riche social climbers" Origin French, literally ‘new rich’.